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October 6, 2008

Staying Positive with the help of the Lord

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As I was showering this morning, I was praising the Lord that I had a hot shower. The 2 weeks we lived through Ike was horrendous. That led me to remembering that we have it better in America than 90% of the population. So much to be grateful for!

I coach and encourage people who have lost their jobs and sometimes houses and other hardships. I talked to one single mother of 3 who moved to Houston for a job after a divorce only to be let go a month later.

I heard myself in their stories since I have lost a 6 figure job after battling 3 herniated discs in my neck. Even so we are all more blessed that 90% of the world’s population!

As I was thinking of next session encouraging people when they’re down  and out I thought about not only sharing the Lord with them and working on finding a job, I also realized having hobbies is an inexpensive way to fill the gaps of time when your depressed. I take and collect pictures, write, play guitar and when possible do things in nature – God’s world. Unfortunately, Houston is a large cement city, but there are neighborhood parks where I can meditate and pray.

I used to live in New Hampshire which is a beautiful state. My dream is to at some point move in the country somewhere after my husband retires. But for now, I have found pleasure in helping others, taking walks in neighborhood parks (when it’s not so hot, about 9 months of the year in Houston). God put me for a reason so I am going to do what I can it helps others and renew myself in the Bible.

Have a blessed day!

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