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July 21, 2008


Filed under: PMP — by Donna Ritter @ 2:08 pm
Negotaition is a great skill for anyone to have. On almost every project I’ve been involved with, there has come a time when I needed someone else to do something for the success of my project. The most important advice I can give you is to “seek first to understand” where the other person is coming from. To them, their project may be the most important thing on earth. If you first understand that, you can come up with some win-win scenarios where their project and yours both get done in a timeframe that is acceptable to both of you – and they will appreciate that you took the time to understand their constraits. In the end, you probably both work for the same person, so you both want that person to succeed. Going out of your way to ensure both projects work out is to the interest of both of you. Never come at someone with the attitude that what you are doing is more important than what they are doing. Honey wins over vinegar every time!
ttfn, Donna

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