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August 10, 2008

Staying Motivated

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By Jennie Gandhi 

Staying motivated is an integral part of life. Else it can roll you to the foot of the hill and you will not even realize it. Going with the flow is an equation people draw up in life. And stick to their formula till the water has dried up in the pond.

Then suddenly they realize that their life has passed by and they have not been able to make something out of it. Another reason why people take up the equation is because of failure. They tried to do something in life but it failed. So they do not want to take that step again. A teacher once in school said, that failure is a stepping-stone to success. Walt Disney is a classic example. He went bankrupt before he could initiate Disneyland. Henry Ford too got broke 5 times before he actually started his business venture.

The first thing to feel motivated it to be with peace with yourself. Don’t draw up the inadequacies in you. Instead look at the advantages. Then look into the mirror everyday and say, “I can do it.” No task is impossible if you believe in yourself.

There are times when family members or close friends look down on your idea and tell you switch it off. But if you believe in yourself, there is no harm trying. Instead of plunging in completely begin completing a smaller task. So if you want to open a business in fabrics. Get yourself the know-how of fabrics – Indian & international, the spend, the manpower required, the logistics and all the details. If you are not in the industry, then take up a job so that you get hands on approach. Partner with someone of your calibre and begin a few transactions. The satisfaction your work will earn you is far more leveraged than sitting and idealizing.

Here are a few pointers to push you off the couch.
• Value what you are thinking and are about to do. Do not look at it as just another thought. If you believe in yourself then value your idea.
• See yourself doing what you want to. So if it is flying a plane then visualize yourself in the cockpit, taking the plane up and soaring the skies.
• Find some motivation and inspiration through quotes or senior people who look up to you.
• Reward yourself every time you have achieved a small target. This way you will be happy with small things that you accomplish.
• Partner with friends or associates who you think will be best to begin the venture. If they are on the same wavelength as yours then the goal will not seem too far.
• Forgiving and forgetting – this is very important if you have not been able to achieve your dream. Agreed, you have burnt your fingers but take it as a learning step. So forgive yourself and others. Forget the episode. Begin on a fresh page.

In today’s stressful life apart from hard work one also needs inspiration to succeed in the task thus good. inspirational quotations and inspirational speeches can help to achieve success in life. As for the stress one has to go through there are many stress management courses conducted that can could help you ease out.


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