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August 1, 2008

Dreaming on a Sunny Afternoon

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I live in Spring, Texas which is north of Houston. It is reaching the 100 degree mark today and it is hard to get motivated in this intense heat. Its days like this that I like to follow the Dream Coach model. This is the time when I want to ignite my passions, put my dreams into action and enjoy the day! I want to meditate and picture myself at the top of the mountain entertaining the most compelling dreams that my heart longs for. I connect my dreams with my life purpose and get in alignment with my authentic self. I am writing my ideas down and believing in myself and my ability to act on my dreams. Some of the things I ponder are “what will make me feel passionate and fulfilled”, If time and money were no object – what would I change?


This meditation leads to self discovery on what my purposeful life looks like. I find my unique talents and potential to grow exponentially. I use my passion as a barometer to assess my life. I can do anything in my dream world!


In our culture of urgency we seem to always be in a reactive mode. Today I give myself permission to write, design projects that inspire me and relax without feeling guilty. I call this way of being “My Dreamer”. Today I will not allow any blockers to stop me from enjoying the life I was meant to live.


Last night, I spilled water on my laptop and had to rush it to the laptop technician, but that won’t even bother me. The worst thing that can happen is I take my hard disc out and put it in an enclosure to access from my other laptop. Last night you would have thought I was crazy thinking the world was ending, but today “My Dreamer” is allowing me to let go of all worries. I hope you all have a wonderful, dream filled day!


ttfn, Donna


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