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September 28, 2009

Potential Fradulant Charges to Warch out for

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I have been going over our bank statements with a fine tooth comb to see where we are spending our money (which all of you probably already do and have found charges that I didn’t make. I got either the bank or company to refund the charges. This week I had one for $143.40! I called the company and asked how they get my name to charge. She said whenever you get a magazine subscription on line or lots of other on-line activities they automatically charge you this *and* it is a revolving charge not a one time charge. They happily are refunding me but knowing that happens will give me some extra time each week to check the accounts.

One time I caught one and called them and they said they wouldn’t take it off because I was over the 30 day limit! I had them transfer me 5 times until I got someone high enough to refund my money. I’m sure this is some kind of fraud but I’m not sure who to report it to. If any of you do, please tell me.

The other place where I have had fraudulent charges show up is on my phone bill, AT&T won’t do anything about it but give you the number. I asked to have nu number blocked and they said they couldn’t. I am very close to dropping AT&T but we have 2 year contracts on 4 cell phones and I don’t want to be charged for that if I switch over.

Warn your friends. Help us stop this behavior!

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