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September 28, 2008

Using Mind Mapping to Help Your Thought Process

Filed under: Tools — by Donna Ritter @ 1:02 pm


Mind Mapping, an idea put forth by Tony Buzan, is a useful technique especially if you work best by picturing things in your mind. It starts by writing in the middle of the page, the core concept you are defining. Your mind maps are highly individual and creative, reflecting your inner most thoughts.


From the center core idea (like losing weight, designing a software program, any concept you need to figure out how to do), draw lines with supporting concepts radiating from the center. Try to use key terms that will trigger other thoughts. Express each thought in 3 or less words. You can also branch off the ideas radiating from the center.


Include whatever you find appropriate; pictures, cartoons, images, symbols or words.


Ideally add colors that mean something to you about that particular idea. In a very small amount of time you will find that you have multiple ideas to solve your problem!


Two of the best books on Mind Mapping explain this in much more detail. They are the Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan and Mapping Inner Space by Nancy Margulies.


You mind holds a tremendous amount of information that can be tapped into using this technique. I’ve used it often to solve software problems and to give me ideas on how I want to design a training course.


Have fun with it! You will be pleased with the results.

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