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September 27, 2008

9 Ways to Live a Christian Life

Filed under: Christian — by Donna Ritter @ 5:22 pm

What does leading a Christian Life mean to you? To me, these are the 9 essential Christian ways I live my life.

1.   Always forgive. It doesn’t matter how bad the offense is. God forgives us sinners and totally wipes our sins away. Can any of us say we deserve this unconditional forgiveness? If you have a problem forgiving someone, pray to the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit to enable you to forgive.

2.   Treat all people with kindness. None of us know what God’s agenda for another person. We have no right to judge others. That right belongs to God himself.

3.   Read the Bible every day and perceive what the Holy Spirit is telling you. I know in my own studies I can read the same passage at different times in my life and get a different message. God knows what we are going through and gives you the message you need at that time. The bible is a living document that gives you the messages you need at the time of your life even though you had already read it before. That is the reason you must read it every day. And remember that Jesus was the Word.

4.   Start your day out by reading inspirational thoughts and have quiet time before you here of the bad news in the world. This will allow you to start fresh and be at peace.

5.   Witness to those who do not have the Lord in their heart. We were called to lead others to Christ. Teach your children about God. Let them know they will be saved.

6.   Keep the Holy Spirit in your heart. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit when he ascended to heaven. We all sin and when that happens pray to the Holy Spirit even if you don’t know what to ask. He will save you.

7.   Pray, Pray, Pray. At night pray that you will follow his teachings. And always give thanks for His abundance.

8.   Believe in the Salvation of Jesus. Believe in His Grace.

9.   We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Act like it.


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