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September 23, 2008

Finding Yourself In this World

Filed under: Life Coaching — by Donna Ritter @ 6:39 pm

I was brought up to be an independent woman and to expect that I should do something that would take care of any costs I may have in my life. Well, it turns out that life doesn’t always turn out like you want. I recently have had a problem with degenerative disc disease so commuting 1-2 hours a day is not an option for me anymore. I’m sure for every person you talk to, God has thrown them a “Lesson” to help us to understand that we shouldn’t rely on material goods – but on Him.

As usual, He did know what was better for me than I did. I took a lot of assessment tests and found that I have not really been in the right career for my personality. I am more of a mentor, teacher, and coach than a technical corporate engineering manager.

So, I have studied with Franklin Covey Coaching along with a number of other coaching disciplines to learn  methods of coaching. I have also engaged several of my other coaching friends and am ready to take on the world! Or am I?

Now there are two types of people in the world – those that think they know it all and those that ask for help when they need it. I am the type of person that constantly spends time learning, and while doing that I realize what parts of a job I like and do well, and what parts I don’t like and can get someone else to do.

Everyone needs a support system. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. There are some things that others do better than you can so why bang your head against the wall! Spend your time on what you do best and do what you do best!


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