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September 5, 2008

A Story of a Person needing Life Coaching

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Here is a story from someone I know. See if any of the things she worries about ring true for you. I have met so many people in the same place (or similar) that are having difficulty figuring out what the last part of their life is all about.


How did I get here? I am in my 50’s, have had a successful 30 year career and now my health is failing and I can no longer commute far to work – yet all the jobs are at least 25-30 miles from my house and the traffic is horrible. What do I do now?


Well, let me look around and see where I am. I am in my bedroom, my sanctuary where even though there is chaos and mess that I constantly try to straighten up, it is my mess. I am looking at pictures I’ve collected that need to be cataloged.  I have a myriad of books that stimulate my mind into learning more about who I really am and in relation to that – who I am to God. He has become more and more important in my life. I read the bible every day, have several bible studies going and am so proud of my son who is in Young Life. He will be going on a mission trip at the end of July.

I am looking at my dear friendly cat who at times drives me nuts, but who always forgives me for throwing him off my bed.

I am looking at a collection of books and magazines. I want to read them all but have the realization that they will be lost as I continue in my busy schedule.

I am looking at memories of my 20 year old daughter – my baby woman who I am convinced does not love me or respect me. For my sanity, I have stopped trying to help her through college and stopped talking to her unless she talks first. It breaks my heart.

I am looking at the bed I share with the best man I’ve ever known, even though we are so different. Maybe that’s why we get along. I am looking at a room crying out to me to do so many things, learn so much, read & write what is in my heart. I am looking at my computers and various journals. I am trying to transcribe the writings into a journal. It reminds me of the John Prine sound “It took me years to get those souvenirs’ and I don’t know how they slipped away from me”.

I’m thinking of having a great Easter, but missing my daughter since she has to work. I’m thinking of all of the garden work to be done and that I need to start in the fall to replace dead bushes. It is so hot now. I love the colors and smells of the garden and the feelings of warn soil in my hands. Once my ruptured discs started giving me so much pain, I’ve missed some of that. I even like being splashed by the sprinkler when I move it since it cools me off. I am thinking that my son plays his video game too much – but on the other hand he got a great score on his first practice SAT test. I am so grateful that he lets me help him with his college preparations. He will be gone too soon. I feel so lonely and useless.


So I decide to take a different career and get my passion back. I trained for this career – but starting a new business in your 50’s isn’t easy. It’s just right for me, but I need some money to get the business off the ground. I do volunteer work for the church coaching young mothers and people who have lost their jobs. It’s rewarding and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder how many other people are going through the same thing I am.”


This is a typical person who could use Life Coaching services. If she came to me, I’d listen to her story, grieve with her about her problems, but draw out the wonderful abilities she has and the fantastic life she has already led. I would tell her this is her beginning. I would work with her on some assessments to pin point her talents. I would work with her on her desires, passions and beliefs to understand what goals would be appropriate for her to work on. I would enable her to work on a plan to get to the place she wants to be. I would encourage her and celebrate her wins. I would remind her that there are no failures – only learning opportunities. I would suggest some books and exercises. I would hold her accountable to what she agreed to accomplish each week and be there for her whenever she needed me. There are so many people who let the past rule their lives while all we really have is the present. I would help her to live in the present and discover her authentic self.



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