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September 3, 2008


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My message to you today is gratitude. If it weren’t for my journal, friends, mentor coaches and family I would take hard things as more than bumps in the road. Yesterday I had a microwave epidural shot in my spine to hopefully help cure my herniated discs. Looking back on all the wonderful things that have happened in my life helped me to see that pain as trivial.


Have you ever been in a position of helping someone, or having empathy     towards someone, where you felt really centered, very powerful, and in your own element?  That was probably a coaching moment!  You were getting the most from yourself and the other person, and good things were being created.  Reflect on what those moments were like.  How was the other person changed?  How were you changed?  Could you bring more “coaching moments” to yourself, in your own life?  What would that look like? I find that serving others is so rewarding that I try to do it whenever I can.


Gratitude has helped me through so many situations. Whenever I do something for someone else I get a nice warm feeling. It’s better than making money or having things. I wish I could teach my teenagers that. My son came close after returning from a mission trip in Mexico. They would build buildings at an orphanage and in the afternoon when it got too hot to work, they would go to a park and praise the Lord and read Bible passages to the kids. Can you imagine if you were in a park in the USA and some teenagers started acting like that? People would thing they were nuts! But they attracted people and were accepted. The younger kids just loved it, but even the older teens thirsted for more.


What are your passions and interests?  What really moves you in life?    What lights your fire?


Making a positive difference in someone’s life that will help them in the long run.


 How might other people benefit from being exposed to these passions?


          By coaching 1/1 or working with a coach doing a team build session.


How can you start bringing more of these passions into your own life, today?


          Walk the talk, keep a gratitude journal and read it on a cloudy day



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