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August 20, 2008

Minimum Expectations for a Project Manager

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The purpose of any project methodology is to define a repeatable process that increases the probability of meeting or exceeding customer expectations of project scope, time, cost & quality.


Since all projects are different to some degree, the methodology should be flexible to meet projects of different size and complexity.  A “flexible” toolkit is needed with both required and optional tools that can be tailored as needed to deliver project results.


Regardless of the size and complexity, all projects should be managed to some minimum expectations.  The level of effort and document detail will vary, but the basic management expectations are consistent.


Leadership has agreed on the following minimum project management expectations:


  1. Define the scope of work, business requirements and project deliverables.
  2. Identify work required to achieve project deliverables.
  3. Prepare project timeline of project milestones and deliverables.
  4. Identify resources required to achieve project deliverables.
  5. Track project progress.
  6. Report project status.
  7. Plan and manage project resources.
  8. Plan and manage stakeholder communications.
  9. Plan and manage project risks and issues.
  10. Plan and manage project quality.
  11. Plan and manage changes to project scope, timeline and resources.
  12. Ensure project deliverables are transitioned.
  13. Close the project.


The level of effort and the documentation detail required for each of these expectations should be agreed upon between the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor at the outset of the project.  Multiple versions of some tools are included in the “flexible” toolkit to help the project manager adjust to project size and complexity.


The Sponsor is accountable for ensuring these minimum expectations are being met through a “health check” process.  Frequency and level of detail of the “health check” will depend on the size and complexity of the project, but at a minimum will occur at the end of each project.


Management and Leadership is accountable for encouraging the use of the methodology and auditing its use through ad hoc project reviews.


The Project Management Group is accountable for day-to-day support, mentoring and training.  The Project Management Group will also provide performance metrics based on project “health checks”.

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