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August 16, 2008


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When you wake up, what do you do? Do you take a few minutes to meditate or say a prayer? It makes all the difference in the world that you at least set your intentions for the day to be positive. Here is an example:


·         My day is easy and calm. 

·         My day includes loving kindness with friends and family.

·         My work will be easily accomplished today on time and with excellent results.

·         My new students will be eager to learn and easy to be with.

·         My drive to work is accomplished quickly and safely.

·         My health improves today and I can tell I feel better.

·         My family interactions are healthy and positive.

·         My house is cleaner and more organized each day.

·         Today, my business has significant success, including both an increase in income and more clients.

·         I discover what actions I will take to improve my health most effectively and most quickly.

·         I now know what actions to take to improve my business in order to meet my business goals.

·         I am alert and productive, easily completing what I start.

Start the day out with good intentions and if it feels like the day is slipping away into craziness, take a break and look your intentions again. Do a deep breathing exercise and you will be back on an even keel in no time!




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