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August 15, 2008

Why Coaching is Worth It

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“Why Coaching is Worth the Investment… even in this economy!
By Shasta Nelson


When it comes to our finances we all know the value of investing.  When we invest our money we do it with the expectation of a profit at a later date.  We give now so that we can receive later–whether it’s for a financial purchase like a home or for retirement.

It makes sense that when our economy demands an increase in our day-to-day expenses (i.e. gas, groceries) and possibly a decrease in our income, our tendency is to often freeze our spending or go into hibernation mode from a fear of “not having enough.”  One of the most significant obstacles during these phases is that our personal tendency is to default to that fear. 

Fear looks different on each of us, but our decisions are then driven from whatever our “default mode” tends to be: indecision, lone ranger behavior, obsession, greed, tolerating, a willingness to sacrifice what’s most important, paralysis, procrastination, limiting beliefs, inability to say yes to life, an unwillingness to say no when needed, etc.  We all want to be people who aren’t motivated to make decisions from a place of fear, but from a place of purpose.

Use this “recession” to your advantage.  Rather than “buckle down” and hide– enter into this phase of life and grow.  Here are some ways:

  1. Prioritize by your Mission: Do you know your purpose?  What you contribute specifically?  What you offer? This can provide you parameters on how to say yes and no in courageous ways as you determine what is in line with your mission.  In corporate language– we call it streamlining. Reminding ourselves what we are really all about– what is the bottom line? This way you know where to cut and where to invest.
  2. Invest where it Matters: Some of your dreams may best launch in this time! You may find more time to write that book as you can’t afford to go to the movies as much. You may discover vendors will charge you less or barter so you can get started on the business idea you have. We don’t give up dreams in these times; we explore different strategies and use this space to creatively continue to pursue that which is most important.
  3. Know what Energizes you now: Despair, pain, depression and fear can be consuming.  A long term plan is crucial to your peace, but it’s hugely important to know how to maximize your current experience as well! How can you best infuse your life now with the things that energize you and make you strong? 

As the economy looms with uncertainty– we call on our clients to use this time to evaluate and clarify who they are and where they are headed. Empower yourself with the resources, support, inspiration and clarity to move forward in ways that will not only prove to be a valuable investment three months down the road, but one that will infuse you with more courage and hope in the present.

What can you do right now to “stake a claim” in your hope? What investment is before you that will help empower you to fuel your life in significant ways?  How can you invest in both your present fulfillment and your future mission?

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