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August 12, 2008

Working with Passion

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Everyone needs passion. If I am not passionate about what I am doing, I am not eager to get out of bed in the morning. At first I thought my career and my children were my passion. After 30 years working at the same career, I realized I didn’t have that fire left in my gut. So, I looked around at my kids, and they were getting ready to leave the nest. I thought about it quite awhile and then realized that although that saddened me, I would have been much more upset if they didn’t get to the point of wanting the leave the nest!

After that notion sunk in, I realized I had to find something that I was passionate about to do during the day. So I went through a process of figuring out what that would be by listing the things about prior jobs that I liked (and that I didn’t), looked over the myriad of assessment tests I  had taken in the corporate world, and realized that I really liked helping people do things they never thought they could do. I liked mentoring people to help them progress in their careers. I wanted to give something back to the universe.

In hindsight, I probably would have been a good teacher, but I wasn’t about to go back to school to get an education degree. I already had a BA in psychology, but ended up in the computer industry since it was my minor. I never left.

I started studying coaching with Franklin Covey and I found that I felt jazzed again!

Give yourself a chance to slow down if you feel you are running out of steam and take a hard look at what you do each day. Does it help anyone? Do you feel good about it? If not, do yourself a favor and get a coach to help you figure it out and live your best life again!


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