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August 8, 2008

Take Care of Yourself

Filed under: Life Balance — by Donna Ritter @ 5:01 pm

To take care of yourself, you should deposit into your “personal bank account”.

·        Be honest

·        Keep promises to yourself

·        Do small acts of kindness

·        Be gentle with yourself

·        Renew yourself (exercise, relax, read, do whatever makes you calm)

·        Tap into your talents (those hidden ones you know you have)


Being honest includes keeping your integrity, keeping your morals, being real and true. Honesty can come in the form of self-honesty, meaning don’t fake it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Honesty is also in our actions. Walk the talk. It may take courage to be honest all the time, but then courage is a great trait to have.


Along the lines of being honest and having integrity is keeping promises. We should treat commitments seriously to both others and ourselves. For instance, if you decide to save 10% of your earnings – do it. Don’t stop! When others see that you keep promises to yourself as well as to them, they will admire you.


Doing small acts of kindness actually cheers you up! Seeing the light in the other person’s eyes when they are treated with dignity and even politeness is amazing. Other things like sending cards or flowers on appropriate occasions can bring a smile to a weary face. When God said it is better to give than to receive he was right on target!


Being gentle to you means so many things like not expecting perfection all the time and laughing at mistakes. I read a poem one time that I can’t recite, but the gist of it is “A child thinks his parents are perfect, a teenager thinks his parents are stupid, a young adult forgives his parents for making mistakes, but a wise person forgives his own mistakes.”


Make sure you have a way to relax and meditate; taking yourself to the quiet place where you can hear God and you can feel wonderful. God didn’t make you to be stressed or wound up. He made you to be like Him.



Tap into your talents. It is amazing when you quiet yourself; you realize you can write or read or be a leader. There are so many talents lying in your core; you just need to realize them.


God Bless, Donna



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